Redirecting the Focus: Getting Beyond Ourselves and Others

Abundant Truth International

file000874028411The precepts in this section are designed to redirect the Christian’s focus. It is easy to become distracted in our Christian journey. We have to live with ourselves and others; each of which can cause the believer’s focus to be shifted. Learn to redirect your focus on what is important.

No More Excuses

Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! Have you ever met someone who had nothing but excuses? After a while, it becomes evident that excuses become covers for some internal weakness or hindrance. Many are afraid to try and then fail. Is that you? Others are afraid of responsibility and accountability that comes from promotion and success? Is that you? Others are just plain lazy. They love personal comfort. They want maximum results with little effort. Is that you? It is time for no more excuses. It is time to redirect your focus.

Excuses, however, is the shield that many Christians…

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