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publishing seal smallAbundant Truth Publishing is the publishing ministry of Abundant Truth International Ministries. The mission of AT Publishing is to provide Quality Spiritual Resources for the Modern-Day Christian, Church-Worker, and Minister. AT Publishing offers a variety of books and teaching resources for the Christian community. Whether for seminars, workshops, bible studies, or personal enrichment, we can provide the necessary materials. Please take a moment to visit the Ebook version site also. Here are some available titles. Click Here for Roderick’s author page.

coverWhen God Says “No” – Understanding the Fatherhood of God. In the pages of this book, we want to explore reasons why the answer of God to us is not always right in our eyes. We will examine causes for the Lord denying the request of our hearts. In addition, we will learn how the seemingly unfavorable response of God to us in certain requests is actually a demonstration of His love, care, and concern for us. This will lead us to a greater understanding of the Fatherhood of God in the life of the believer.



The World, The Flesh, and The Devil: Practical Insights to Living Victoriously in Christ. The World, The Flesh, and The Devil provides guidelines for overcoming the three battlegrounds every Christian faces: the world, the flesh, and the devil. Learn how you can walk in the power of God. Discover how you, too, can live victoriously in Christ.




The God of Another Chance: Overcoming Your Failures, Possessing Your Divine Destiny. God is the God of another chance. He will ensure that the good work that He has started in you will be completed. In this book, we will examine the failures and ultimate successes of biblical characters. If they overcame, then, the Christian today can come out of any personal Egypt and enter into their promised Canaan. Their examples provide hope and strength for the Christian today.


If They Be Prophets: Rediscovering the Ministry of the Prophet in the New Testament Church. Revised and updated edition. From the beginning, God has always used prophets to speak on His behalf to His people. The ministry of the prophet did not cease with the New Testament Church. The prophet’s ministry is still vital to the furtherance of the Church. In this book, rediscover the ministry of the New Testament prophet and how it operates in today’s Church.



Leviticus I (The Burnt Offering): The Evans Practical Bible Commentary. In this commentary, we will examine one of the most important offerings of the Old Testament. God instituted Israel’s system of worship through Moses’ leadership. After establishing the priesthood, instructions were given concerning the sacrifices that were acceptable to God. Among the offerings of the Lord, the whole burnt offering (introduced in Leviticus, chapter 1) was unique. This offering helps the believer to understand Paul’s exhortation to present the body a living sacrifice unto God.


  1. Greetings Prophet Evans I pray this message finds you completely well and prosperous. I hope you are refreshed from your trip back home from Sumter SC where God so used you mightily at the Prophetic Conference with Apostle/Prophetess Delores Blalely and Revealing Truth Ministry family.
    I am contacting you for inquiry about a children’s book that I have written and leading towards the finishing process. I would like to know do your publishing offer services with this. Thank you and may the blessings of God and His angels scontinually surround you and your family and ministry.

    With Sincerity
    Apryll Williams
    Wonders of MyName Promotions
    (803)605-6992 or apryllwilliam117@gmail.com


    1. Greetings woman of God. I am happy to hear about your soon to be released book. Unfortunately, we no longer offer any publishing services. We had to stop a few years back because of the other tasks of ministry. However, I could recommend you check out createspace.com, smashwords.com, and lulu.com. These offer publishing services, in most instances for free. Hope this helps, blessings and peace.


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