Seminars & Trainings


The purpose of ATI Conferences is to promote unity among leaders in the Church and to bring spiritual breakthrough to cities, towns, regions, and counties. Conferences are held to bring unity in a given region. ATI Conferences are theme-based. Thus, conference topics are based upon the spiritual need of the city or region. Conferences are no shorter than 3 days and no longer than 5 days. Workshops are held during the day with general meetings in the evenings.


The purpose of ATI Seminars is to help the local pastor and church leader teach, train, and equip the people of God. Seminars are between 1 to 3 days depending upon need of the leader. Study Guides & Materials for the seminars are provided by ATI Ministries. Our seminars are designed to minister to a wide range of areas, including apologetics. Other topics can be taught in the seminar at the church’s request. There are NO set fees for seminars.


The purpose of ATI Overseas Missions is to minister the gospel in other parts of the world. The main focus is to strengthen existing churches (Acts 15:36 and Colossians 2:1-2) and help them to fulfill the mission of God for their country, province, region, or nation. Contact us for more information.

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